Lt. General Mike Flynn — a registered “foreign agent”

POTUS-DT not critical of Wikileaks damaging release of info re: CIA secrets.  RU is in cahoots with Assange and DT is siding with Assange.  DT says the CIA has “outdated” technical systems.

Panel comments:

  • Trump seems to delight in undermining the CIA
  • The rep. of the CIA has been damaged
  • Wikileaks has hurt our national security
  • What’s up with Farage and Assange?

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the pro-Brexit U.K. Independence Party and a close ally of President Donald Trump, visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which is currently the residence of WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange.


Farage went to the embassy Thursday morning and stayed for roughly 40 minutes, leaving around noon, according to a report by BuzzFeed. When a reporter from the site confronted Farage, he claimed that he didn’t remember why he had been at the embassy. After being asked if he had gone to meet with Assange, Farage replied “I never discuss where I go or who I see.”

Congressmen Cruz and Cotton say the new Health Bill will not pass.  Some like a plan Rand Paul has.  The goal:  repeal and replace with a “free market” system.


Pundit: The OMB is looking at billions of dollars of drastic cuts in spending.  DT wants to leave less government when he goes and is taking a ax to discretionary spending.  He wants to flush a liberal international order down the drain.  He’s all about disrupting government.

Pundit:  We don’t know if DT is reading and understanding daily Intel briefs.  He seems to think he just the President of the White House.  Trump hasn’t begun to fill the thousands of vacancies in his Cabinet . . . he doesn’t see the need for them.

Pundit:  Using billions of dollars to build an un-needed wall (he said MX would pay for) takes billions away from vital securities and services the American people need.  “Mitch” says he doesn’t believe Mexico will pay for the wall.

An FBI investigation found a link between a computer DNS in a large Russian bank (Alfa) and a computer DNS in the Trump org.

A DNS address is like a personal phone number . . . this bank in RU contacted the Trump campaign computer 2800 times.  There’s some connection between this and Spectrum Health and the husband of Education Sec’y Betsy DeVos.  Computer scientists say this is “weird”  and “it doesn’t line up.”  This bank is essentially an extension of the Kremlin and has to do with oligarchs Putin has put in power.

The FBI’s counterintelligence team, which is also looking into Russia’s suspected hacking of Democratic National Committee servers and the email account of her campaign chairman, is investigating why a computer server owned by Alfa Bank repeatedly looked up a computer server owned by the Trump Organization in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Eighty percent of the attempts to look up that Trump computer server were performed by Alfa Bank — 2,820 in total — with almost all of the rest being conducted by Spectrum Health, a medical facility chain for which Betsy DeVos’ husband, Dick DeVos, serves as chairman of the board.

FBI Director Comey met with the Gang of Eight.

FBI Director James Comey spent Thursday afternoon on Capitol Hill meeting with the eight lawmakers who have access to the most highly classified information, sources told CNN.

Comey was scheduled to meet with the House members of the so-called Gang of Eight at 5 p.m., and he met earlier in the afternoon with the senators in the group — including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Intelligence committee, Republican Sen. Richard Burr and Democrat Mark Warner respectively. The House members include House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and House Intelligence Ranking Member Adam Schiff.  Comey’s visit comes after Schiff accused the FBI director of stonewalling House members in a briefing last week and both Schiff and Nunes aired their concerns that Comey had been withholding information from the group through last year.
On March 20, 2017 Director Comey will testify in public hearings into Russia’s involvement in our election and other related pending investigations.
Panel comments:
  • DT plans to blame the DP if the new Health Bill fails to pass
  • The GOP *is* trying to ram it through before they go home for a break — they don’t want to face more angry Town Hall meetings
  • How can it pass w/out knowing the cost?
  • There are many warring factions within the GOP over this — say Paul Ryan, “This is our one and only last chance.”
  • The DP is learning how to be the opposition party and the GOP is learning how to govern

The AG from Washington State is asking a federal judge to block the *new* Travel Order.  The AG says the actions of the POTUS are always “reviewable” and that the “intent” of the action is vital.  More details here:

The POTUS is not allowed to delete his Tweets (which he’s been doing).

Panel comments (re: Trump and RU):

  • The drumbeat is getting louder . . . so much smoke, must be fire somewhere
  • It’s noteworthy the CIA wanted the Investigative Committee members to travel to ‘them’ — the Intel must be super secret
  • Everyone wants to talk about Russia (as the main thing) — suspense is building!
  • Spicer has been inconsistent in the Press Room briefings
  • What DT *doesn’t* say is as alarming as what he does say
  • DT is bringing far right-wing issues and concepts center stage
  • Wikileaks/Assange is mostly focused on the USA
  • On the Hill –> Feinstein, Shiff, Graham, McCain, and Cummings all seem nonpartisan on the RU matter

Lt. Gen. Flynn took about $500K to represent the Turkish government in Washington — he has registered as a foreign agent

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was fired in February after lying about his contacts with the Russian government, has formally registered with the Justice Department as a “foreign agent” and admitted that he had lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government as recently as November 2016.

As the Associated Press reports, Flynn’s lawyer filed paperwork with the Justice Department Tuesday disclosing that the retired Army general had done lobbying work between August and November 2016 that “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.” According to the filing, Flynn’s company, Flynn Intel Group Inc., was paid at least $530,000 for the work.

Flynn’s contract ended on November 15, just three days before Trump appointed him national security adviser.

The WH is pushing the GOP to roll back Medicaid sooner — the cost could be quite high.

The White House is privately lining up behind conservative calls to roll back Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion sooner than the health care reform bill currently calls for, two senior administration officials and a senior House conservative aide told CNN on Thursday.

White House officials are beginning to urge House GOP leadership to include an earlier sunset of the Medicaid expansion funds authorized under Obamacare than the 2020 date set by the current bill. The change comes just days after the bill was unveiled and follows a blitz of activism aimed squarely at the White House and President Donald Trump, who has met with conservative leaders in recent days.
Such a move, however, could blow up the already fragile efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Ending the Medicaid expansion sooner could complicate prospects for the bill in the Senate. And it would likely infuriate Republican governors in states that accepted federal funds for the expansion, who face the prospect of many people losing coverage they gained under Obamacare.

Regarding the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  The CBO’s mandate is to provide Congress with: Objective, nonpartisan, and timely analysis to aid in economic and budgetary decisions on a wide array of programs covered by the federal budget; And the information and estimates required by the Congressional budget process.
The CBO has fallen out of favor with some, including Sean Spicer.  The CBO head was appointed by the GOP and Tom Price.  The CBO is being criticized BEFORE it issues its report.  It is expected that the CBO will issue a fiscal report that will severely challenge some of the things DT and the GOP want to implement.

DT’s “tough talk” may’ve slowed down the number of people coming across our southern border illegally.  Mexico is calling it the “Trump Effect.”  Trump is big news in Latin America.  Mexico hears DT’s “Make America Great Again” as “Make America WHITE again.”

John Huntsman, former Gov. of Utah, former Ambassador to China (under POTUS-BO) nominated as Ambassador to Russia.


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