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The Dept. of Justice issued a report that does *not* confirm Trump’s Tweet re: being “tapped” by Obama.

A classified report delivered to Congress by the Justice Department provides no evidence to support President Trump’s claims that his predecessor wiretapped him, according to reports.

Two government officials told CNN Friday evening that the classified report does not back up Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations that former President Obama had him under surveillance.

The report was sent to the House and Senate intelligence and judiciary committees, said Sarah Isgur Flores, a Justice Department spokeswoman.

Leaders of intelligence committees in both houses, including those from Trump’s Republican Party, have said they have seen no evidence to substantiate the explosive claims.


. . . in an awkward moment on live television while meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel — whose cell phone was once tapped by the National Security Agency — Trump quipped that he and the German leader had something in common.  
Trump’s response further fueled a controversy about his claims he was wiretapped by Obama — first made on Twitter two weeks ago — which have been rejected by senior members of House and Senate Intelligence committees. The White House has produced no evidence to back up the allegations.

President Donald Trump sidestepped a question about allegations a British intelligence agency helped former President Barack Obama wiretap Trump Tower on Friday and suggested reporters speak to Fox News about the claim.  Fox News later rebutted the suggestion.

During a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump noted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was referencing a claim made by Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano.

Trump described Napolitano as a “very talented legal mind” and argued questions about the allegations should be directed to the former judge.

The comments from Trump come even though Spicer and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster have reportedly apologized to the British government for mentioning the claim.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May previously said the White House had offered assurances the allegations would not be repeated.


Sean Spicer Caused An International Incident By Citing Fox News To Defend Trump  https://mediamatters.org/blog/2017/03/17/sean-spicer-caused-international-incident-citing-fox-news-defend-trump/215734

WH staff are telling reporters that the POTUS believes he will be vindicated.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-wiretap-obama-confident-very-vindicated-spicer-latest-a7630196.html

Pundit: Press Sec’y Sean Spicer is supposed to be spokesperson for the COUNTRY — not for one person, the POTUS.  He obviously doesn’t know this, and if he does, is ignoring it (as is pretty much everyone else).

Pundit:  Trump is a “weapon of mass distraction” and a “weapon of mass distortion.”  This (Trump’s Tweet about being bugged by Obama) has all been a big waste of time and has alienated the UK in the process.  When you get right down to it he cares about one thing only:  Donald Trump.  He has no regard for how his behavior affects others, including the entire world.  

Roy Cohn is a major role model for Trump. Never back down . . . never apologize . . . always win . . . never admit you’re wrong.  Trump got to where he is with this approach, so he believes in it (or has).   Trump’s father was very much the same as Cohn.   Trump also admires Putin, and Putin doesn’t apologize.   Putin has other people doing his “damage control” and so does Trump.  Trump obviously sees this as a positive/winning style and a positive brand, but it could get the country in trouble.     https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/former-mccarthy-aide-showed-trump-how-to-exploit-power-and-draw-attention/2016/06/16/e9f44f20-2bf3-11e6-9b37-42985f6a265c_story.html?utm_term=.6d53b803ae33

Pundit:  He does not hold the office of POTUS with the esteem and respect his predecessors have.  He doesn’t bring the same dignity to the POTUS.  He may be viewing all this as nothing more than a “promotion” (from his previous station in life).  

Proposed budget cuts:  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/03/15/us/politics/trump-budget-proposal.html

Discretionary spending, in billions

Agency 2017 baseline 2018 proposal Change Pct. change
Environmental Protection Agency $8.2 $5.7 $2.6 –31%
State and other development programs 38.0 27.1 –10.9 –29%
Agriculture 22.6 17.9 –4.7 –21%
Labor 12.2 9.6 –2.5 –21%
Justice 20.3 16.2 –4.0 –20%
Health and Human Services 77.7 65.1 –12.6 –16%
Commerce 9.2 7.8 –1.5 –16%
Education 68.2 59.0 –9.2 –14%
Transportation 18.6 16.2 –2.4 –13%
Housing and Urban Development 36.0 31.7 –4.3 –12%
Interior 13.2 11.6 –1.5 –12%
Energy 29.7 28.0 –1.7 –6%
Treasury 11.7 11.2 –0.5 –4%
NASA 19.2 19.1 –0.2 –1%
Veterans Affairs 74.5 78.9 +4.4 +6%
Homeland Security 41.3 44.1 +2.8 +7%
Defense 521.7 574.0 +52.3 +10%
Note: Numbers may not add due to rounding. Totals are shown for fiscal years, which begin in October. They reflect base budget levels for each department, which do not include supplemental money for disaster relief, emergencies or additional war spending. They do include offsetting receipts and proposed changes in mandatory programs (CHIMPS) that are used to offset discretionary spending.
Carl Bernstein:  The real story is Donald Trump is a compulsive liar and media outlets should focus on that, nonstop.  He should be held accountable.  He uses un-truth as a basic way to govern.  He is unable to control his impulses (is liable to do/say anything).  
This should make us ALL quite nervous.  
J.D. Gordon, Trump’s national security advisor during the campaign, admitted that, contrary to his earlier denials, he had directly intervened at Trump’s instigation to remove the language in the 2016 Republican platform which had called on the United States to arm Ukraine against Russian aggression. And campaign advisor Carter Page admitted that, contrary to his earlier denials, he had met with the Russian ambassador at the Republican National Convention. It is hard to imagine why so many people would lie if they didn’t have something pretty significant to cover up.

In a Politico article published Thursday, titled “The Leader of the Free World Meets Donald Trump,” which describes President Trump’s meeting Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The article was written by James Rubin, who served as assistant secretary of state for public affairs under former President Bill Clinton.

Rubin writes that Merkel is the “last best hope” for Western civilization, arguing the U.S. abandoned its role as a world leader to solve the Syria conflict while Germany led by taking in Syrian refugees.

Rubin also references the two leaders’ divergent approaches to Russia and the European Union, as well as their different styles and backgrounds, to show that Germany’s chancellor, rather than America’s president, is now leading the Western world.

Politico is not alone in publishing such a story.  Other outlets have also ran articles claiming that Merkel is now the leader of the free world since Trump took office.


Observation:  It’s like Trump is playing a chess game and, as a player, is only concerned with *his* moves, without respecting and considering the thoughts, plans, intentions, motives, strategy, and moves on the other side.  This is a good way to LOSE.






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