My (ongoing) shit list . . .


Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. He was born and raised in Queens, New York City (in affluence).

Prior to his 2016 campaign I paid little attention to Mr. Trump.  Since his campaign and subsequent election I have come to loathe him for the many egregious things he’s said and done.  Here’s a link to a partial (and somewhat dated) listing:

As a regular human being, Trump would be despicable — but since he’s POTUS, this is magnified to the max.  I find the fact that so many voted for him highly disturbing and demoralizing.  I understand that hurting and deprived people want to put their hopes and faith and trust in some sort of ‘savior’ . . . but to that end I commend you to Christ Jesus . . . not POLITICIANS . . . and ESPECIALLY NOT THIS CHARLATAN who makes P. T. Barnum seem a model of honesty and virtue.  In the end (or maybe in the beginning) he will surely let you down (because he has demonstrated, over and over, that he is a compulsive liar, who will tell you whatever it is you want to hear IF you support him — without question).  However, the POTUS may not remember what he said five minutes later . . . so don’t hold him to it.

Trump is not qualified to be the POTUS.  He has no understanding of, or respect for, or appreciation of, the gains our country has made since the end of WWII — all the vitally important things (and relationships) that have been built up and put into place since then — things we still need and cannot afford to be without — like NATO. Like good relationships with the UK and our other allies.  He lacks nuance, diplomacy, thoughtfulness, an understanding of the way things really work (politically) and doesn’t grasp that brute force (and the threat of brute force) is not the way of the world anymore. We don’t need more nuclear bombs (that we can never use). Much of what’s in the current proposed budget for national defense is to please and appease the powers that be in the military-industrial complex (which POTUS-IKE warned us about in 1960).  Notice, the recent attack against us by Russian was not with bombs, but with technology — CYBER warfare.  His chief advisers explicitly say they want to tear things down, up, and every which way until they’ve smashed it all and remade it into their image, an image that is ultimately destructive to the USA, our relationship with our allies and other world leaders . . . an image that ultimately courts disaster.  An image that has been proven ineffective (and a bad idea) in the past.  Many in the mental health treatment profession have diagnosed Trump as being unfit and dangerous.  But because of how politics are in this country it will probably take something akin to Nixon and Watergate to see him tossed out of office.  It will take the leaders of the GOP marching into his office and saying, in unison, “You’ve got to go.  Now.  Resign, or we will impeach you.”  We all just hope he doesn’t order any nuclear first-strikes between now and then.

Since writing the above MUCH has happened — almost daily — almost too much to keep up with.  Shortly after FBI Director Comey testified before Congress (that Trump and Team were being investigated by the FBI), Trump fired Comey.  Initially Trump lied and tried to blame AG Sessions and the Asst. AG Rosenstein . . . had them write negative memos about Comey.  THEN, Trump went on national TV and told the world that it didn’t really matter what anyone else thought, he (Trump) was determined to get rid of Comey because he wanted the ‘Russia thing’ to end . . . he wanted to put a stop to it.  There’s LOTS more . . . too much to write about here and now, but includes Trump hosting high-level Russians right in the Oval Office and allowing only Russian media in the room.  During this meeting he gave super (code-word) top secret info to the Russians and complained to the Russians that Comey was a “nut job.”

A pretty good timeline report:

Since beginning this blog, and ‘covering’ what’s going on in the U.S. and the World (politically) I’ve been ‘introduced’ to a great many folks that I was previously unacquainted with — many of them somewhat controversial.  And, although I’ve encountered many distasteful ‘players’ on the political scene, I’ve developed a ‘special’ distaste for:

Kellyanne Conway is the current Counselor to the President for Donald Trump and has also been a Republican Party campaign manager, strategist, and pollster who was formerly president and CEO of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend.  Some news programs are refusing to book her due to some of the outrageous things she’s said, perhaps the largest of these being that she (and the White House) possess “alternative facts.”  The Admin. stopped using her as heavily as it did in the beginning, but she still shows up (now and then) on cable news shows.

van jones

VanJones is an American activist, commentator, author and non-practicing attorney. He was taken in by Trump’s staged tribute (when Trump tried to break the world record for longest sustained applause ever in tribute to a fallen soldier) involving the widow of a Navy Seal killed in action during the recent Yemen raid.  He said, “THAT is when Trump became President.”  Oh brother.

Steve Bannon

“Steve” Bannon is a media executive, campaign manager, and film producer, currently serving as assistant to the President and White House chief strategist in the Trump administration.  In the past he’s worked for an extreme right news source: Breitbart.  His power in the Admin. has been questioned, but recently affirmed when his desires to leave the Paris climate agreement were realized by Trump’s actions.  We now join Syria and Nicaragua as the only three countries in the entire world that are ‘not’ part of the Paris agreement.  Many world leaders are decrying Trump’s withdrawal.


Stephen Miller is a senior advisor to President Donald Trump. Prior to his current appointment, he was the communications director for then-Alabama senator, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  He’s said,“The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”   Thank God we haven’t seen much more of this guy (in the media); however, he is undoubtedly working behind the scenes to bring his twisted ideas to life.

web16-sessionsfeatured-1160x768  Accusations of racism have dogged Sessions’s career: Actually, they almost derailed it. In 1986, a Senate committee denied Sessions, then a 39-year-old U.S. attorney in Alabama, a federal judgeship.  AG Sessions is now (as of 6/3/17) under ‘more’ fire for MORE meetings with Russians (that he failed to report).  He also was a ‘player’ (per Trump’s initial report) in the firing of Comey, even though he had ‘recused’ himself from all things pertaining to Russia.

maxresdefault (1)

Kayleigh McEnany is an American political commentator and writer.  She almost always ‘sides with’ whatever Trump says or does — no matter what.  She is currently employed as a CNN contributor.  CNN has stopped using her in panel discussions as much as they used to.


Jeffrey Lord is a former member of the Ronald Reagan administration, a journalist, author, and political strategist in Pennsylvania.  He almost always ‘sides with’ whatever Trump says or does — no matter what.  Anderson Cooper recently apologized for saying, on air, (to Jeffrey Lord), “If Trump took a dump on top of his desk you’d defend him, wouldn’t you?”


Carter Page is an American oil industry consultant. Donald Trump named him as a foreign policy advisor to his presidential campaign, which campaign staffers later denied.  He has deep ties and connections to Russia and has contradicted himself repeatedly, on television.  He is currently under FBI investigation into possible collusion between members of the Trump campaign and Russian hacking into the DNC last year.  His name has not gone away . . . he’s still a ‘person of interest’ to the FBI.


Devin Nunes is a Republican U.S. Representative for California’s 22nd congressional district, serving since 2003; aka PUPPET of the POTUS.  Nunes is head of the House Intelligence Committee which is ‘supposed to be’ doing a neutral, objective, bipartisan inquiry into any connections between the Trump Campaign of 2016 and Russian meddling in the election.  Nunes obtained a piece of ‘secret’ information (which he has yet to share with anyone else) and under the direction of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, went to the subject the Investigation, POTUS-DT, and shared with HIM what information/intel he had . . . later he told the media he did so because the POTUS was taking a lot of ‘heat’ from the media.  During the course of all this he’s modified his story a bit here and there.  Despite demands that he recuse himself and step down, Nunes says that he won’t . . . asks, “Why should I?” . . . and has boasted on cable news that the Dems are just upset with him because he is “so effective.”  The reason he is on this list should be self-evident.


Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  Ryan has proven himself to be a Trump surrogate . . . in fact when I just Googled the words Trump and lapdog  I got about 862,000 results.  This man seems to be the epitome of PARTY ABOVE COUNTRY.*

He seems like a genuine lapdog to me.  He’s the one who told Nunes to run over and tell Trump what he knew, violating his role and ethics as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.  They should co-Chair the Committee to Preserve, Protect, and Defend Donald J. Trump No Matter What He Says Or Does.


Ivanka Trump, daughter of POTUS Donald Trump.   Her role as first daughter is heading into unprecedented territory.  After saying she just wanted to be a “daughter” . . . now she has a top secret clearance, her own White House office, easy and immediate access to the President, will be the “eyes and ears” of the POTUS — one of his primary advisers and arguably one of most powerful people in the White House (without zero experience in governing, foreign policy, etc.).  In May/June allegations surfaced re: her factory in China (and some people reporting on this in China have gone missing):

. . . employees are forced to work at least 12½ hours a day and at least six days a week – at a monthly salary of about 2,500 yuan ($365). It said pay for some workers amounted to the equivalent of less than a dollar an hour.  Li said his investigators had documented long working days, the longest stretching 18 hours from 7.10am to 1.30am next day.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s press secretary . . . just another mindless puppet, programmed to spew Trump-speak, aka LIES, OBSTRUCTION, OBFUSCATION, COVER-UP.  Never, except for perhaps Nixon, has our country seen such a flagrant, disgusting, and HIGHLY ALARMING ABUSE of POWER.  WHAT NEXT?  I shudder to think.  


Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump and at age 36 is a senior advisor to President Donald Trump.  He is a business (real estate) billionaire with zero political experience.  He looks like an eagle scout, and not many initial negative reports about him, but this all changed in May, when he became a ‘person of interest’ to the FBI.  Some serious allegations abound:  Kushner is a slumlord . . . Kushner tried to establish a SECRET communications channel with the RUSSIANS so he could talk freely with the Russians without anyone in the American Intelligence Agencies knowing anything about it (wha!?) . . . Kushner had SECRET MEETINGS with a Russian bank (a bank under US sanctions . . . was he trying to get ‘money/financing’ from the Russians?) . . . Kushner failed to report all his meetings with Russians on security forms.  Many in Congress are calling for his security clearance to be pulled pending the outcome of current investigations.  Like many other despotic regimes, Trump has filled his ‘palace’ with family — family that essentially have more power than everyone else in the White House.


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