FAKE story, details, reality . . .

Rick Stengel, former managing editor of Time magazine, says (paraphrasing):

  • Russia is trying to undermine our democracy and the post-war liberal world order created by the USA (and Allies)

  • Putin wants to create a *different* world order wherein we leave him alone and he leaves us alone . . . this is one of his goals

  • Russian cyber-attacks are STILL going on and they will CONTINUE.  And elsewhere in the world (and even in the USA) the factual story about Lt. General Flynn will be turned into a FAKE STORY, with FAKE DETAILS

  • The Putin model is to:

    • lie (for example about Crimea)

    • never apologize

    • do his best to promote alternative (fake) realities

  • Trump follows the Putin model (above) . . . this is also the “Trump playbook”

  • “The” TWEETS . . . are they:

    • organized?

    • designed?

    • random?

    • displays of incompetence?

  • It’s hard to say

  • Obama had perhaps the most complex ‘filter’ of any modern POTUS; Trump has no filter at all

  • Advice to Trump:

    • coordinate statements with experts in the know

    • stop Tweeting

    • be consistent

    • get organized


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