Trump fires FBI Director Comey . . . has his staff tell VARYING lies about it . . .

I think the way Trump works is this: “Hmmm, we/I need a GOOD story here . . . what would be a good one?  Oh, I know — we’re gonna say we’re getting rid of Comey b/c of what he did to Clinton — the Dems should like that!  Whee!  Away we go!”

So, after having his staff go out and lie: VP Pence, Conway, Spicer, Sanders . . . the usual suspects . . . he then goes on national TV and can’t keep his mouth shut and tells the whole world that all the above had nothing to do with it, b/c he, personally, wanted Comey gone b/c Comey wouldn’t pledge his loyalty to him (aka being willing to LIE for Trump) and when Comey pledged only ‘honesty’ Trump got rid of him, thinking THAT would also be the beginning of the END of the Russian investigation into Him and His Campaign.  Sanders essentially said the same thing, that getting rid of Comey was done to bring the Russian investigation to an end.

And many people (especially his ‘base’) are *still* WONDERING if there’s a CRIME here.  How IN YOUR FACE BLATANT MUST THINGS BE?  Trump is clearly OBSTRUCTING the Investigation he wants to end — HE SAID SO!

The GOP are acting like PUPPETS, instead of like AMERICANS . . . they continue to put PARTY, ABOVE COUNTRY.  What will it take for this to change?  What kind of world are we living in?




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