Ongoing FACTS

Day 2:

The entire world marched to protest the election of Donald Trump.  To simply say/explain, “Well, the Dems are just upset b/c they lost” is ridiculous and absurd — those who favor decency, democracy, and fair play protested.

Day 3:

Conway insists Trump and crew possess ‘alternative facts’ (to actual facts) and are guided by THEM (not real facts).  Facts are facts and anything contrary to real facts is CONTRARY to real facts and may be lies . . . could be ignorance.

Day 7:

The leader of Mexico cancels his plans to meet with Trump due to Trump’s rude misbehavior.  Our standing in the world, with our allies, due to Trump’s behavior, has declined and is the focus of much concern and consternation.

Day 12:

Trump fires Sally Yates, allegedly for refusing to back Trump’s travel ban order, which may’ve been a pretext — they wanted her gone, and paid her back for alerting the White House about Lt. Gen. Flynn (and her many legit National Security concerns) by firing her.  

Day 25:

Gen. Flynn is fired by Trump . . . THIRTEEN DAYS after Yates told the White House the truth about Flynn.  The White House has failed to provide a convincing explanation for the delay — Yates presumed the firing would be immediate — anyone would.

Day 42:

Sessions recused himself from anything pertaining to Russian investigation and stuff related to Trump 2016 campaign (after peers said he had ‘lied’).  Sessions, Kushner, Flynn, Manafort, and Page (and perhaps more) have spoken to Russian politicians and the American people don’t know what was said or discussed.

Day 43:

Sessions has a history of meeting with Russian ‘suspects.’

Day 44:

Trump falsely accuses Obama of wiretapping him.  In the days, weeks, months that follow EVERYONE (in the know) say this claim is false, and yet Trump clings to it and demands loyalty from his people re: this (regardless of what the actual TRUTH is).  He routinely has his staff (Spicer and Sanders) go out there and LIE to the World.  

Day 51:

Prosecutor Preet Bharara was fired from his post as the US attorney.  Bharara was in the process of investigating possible crimes committed by Trump.  Trump fires anyone investigating him: Bharara, Yates, Comey (for starters).

Day 60:

FBI director James Comey has said there was no basis for Donald Trump’s claims to have been wiretapped by Barack Obama, but confirmed for the first time that the agency is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow to influence the outcome of the presidential election.  Despite this there is great apathy, esp. with the GOP, re: this.  Pundits are saying, “The GOP doesn’t care what the Russians did as long as it benefitted the GOP.”  

Day 78:

Trump bombs Syria, warning Russia beforehand.

Day 90:

Billionaires, corporations and NFL owners opened their wallets in a big way to help Donald Trump raise a record-shattering $107m for his inaugural festivities, records released by the Federal Election Commission showed.

April 6:

Nunes recuses himself after trying to obstruct (with help of White House) House of Rep. Investigation into Russia.  This all effectively delayed testimony by Yates and made the American people wait much longer to hear Yates testimony.

Early May:

Yates testifies that she told the White House that Lt. Gen. Flynn was compromised by the Russian and vulnerable to Russian blackmail; Yates saw this as a matter of immediate and urgent necessity (for White House to take action); yet, White House takes no action for almost three weeks.

May 9 or 10:

Trump fires Comey; has his staff (including VP Pence; including Sessions, who had recused himself) lie about real reasons and ultimately admits/reveals, REAL REASONS (not his normal, FAKE NEWS) on national TV, that he (Trump) wanted Comey gone b/c he wants the Russian investigation to end.  After that, Trump sends threatening ‘Tweets’ to Comey.  The message is: “If you investigate me, I will fire you.”  How can this not be interpreted as a blatant effort to OBSTRUCT the Russian investigation?  Trump is giving the whole world the ‘finger’ and essentially saying, “Yeah, I did it — what are you gonna do about it!?”  

May 10:

Trump meets with top Russians in the Oval Office and permits ONLY Russian media in the room, refusing American media outlets entrance and access.  Russia later releases photos of Trump embracing these men, everyone broadly smiling.  What were they smiling about?  Did the Russians plant ‘bugs’ in the Oval Office?  The Russians openly mocked us, feigning ignorance about the firing of Comey.

May 15 and 16:

Trump reveals, on his own, highly sensitive INTEL (code word level, one of the highest levels of confidentiality) to the Russians while they met with him in the Oval Office a few days ago.  This INTEL was provided to us by an ALLY, on the normal condition that the info would not be released to anyone else, especially the Russians.  It was not *his* INTEL to release.  The Russians are using photos from the meeting for propaganda purposes in their nation.  Trump says he can say whatever he feels like, whenever he feels like it.  McMaster came out twice (so far) to defend the POTUS and minimize the breach.  IC experts are saying the breach will cost lives.  McMaster rebutted the Washington Post expose by denying various things not even alleged in the story!  He did not deny (or confirm) things that *were* mentioned in the article.  IF there were tapes of this meeting, Congress wants them.  Many in the GOP are now showing signs that perhaps their support of this President is waning.


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