Media: Gripes and praise

Some personal gripes re: the media:

  • LOTS of very depressing adverts.
  • Adverts target those on Rx meds and/or the sick and elderly . . . horrible ads!  Hard to watch.
  • LOTS of *speculation* by so-called ‘reporters’ . . . they are not just reporting *facts* but reporting their own personal thoughts, feelings, opinions and speculations about what this or that might mean.
  • While they are talking (on and on and on, ad nauseum) they are giving potential enemies IDEAS *how* to respond to this or that . . . in other words, they are not helping!  They make may statements that benefit those listening (who may be hostile to American interests).
  • They try to keep a story alive for as long as possible; they show the same clips and repeat the same talking points over and over and over and over and over.  Almost no need to watch more than ‘one’ show, b/c each show will basically be a rehash of earlier shows (without any new information).
  • Their network CEOs are all about MAKING MONEY — informing the public with neutral, unbiased reporting is *not* paramount to them.
  • ALL the cable so-called ‘news’ programs lean in a certain POLITICAL DIRECTION. Most of the cable ‘news’ channels lean LEFT, with FOX perhaps the only one leaning RIGHT.
  • Too many so-called ‘reporters’ have been turned into ‘celebrities’ and made ‘famous’ . . . it’s all become too much about PERSONALITIES . . . e.g., Hannity on the Right and Maddow on the Left.
  • Not much is done in the way of trying to represent opposing viewpoints.
  • Too many ‘hosts’ try to be ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ or ‘entertaining’ . . . sometimes inappropriately so.  Think (the movie) NETWORK (1976).

Some personal praise re: the media:

  • Panel discussions (especially with diverse, disparate players) can be interesting and useful.
  • Some of the *experts* brought in seem very credible and help us be aware of things we would otherwise not be.
  • If not for the media, we wouldn’t know A GREAT DEAL of what we’ve learned since the 2016 election . . . we’d be in the dark about it (and nothing would’ve been done about it).
  • many in this profession are courageous and willing to put themselves at risk of harm



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