‘Emperor’ Trump?

Roman emperors required everyone to regard them as “gods” and to ‘worship’ them (or else).  Trump has surrounded himself with a great many sycophants, suck-ups, yes-men and yes-women, bootlickers, brown-nosers, and stooges.  His many manifestations of misbehavior would not be tolerated by a grade school principal (but many in Congress show zero outrage).  What we require from ‘ordinary’ people, shouldn’t the standards be at least the ‘same’ for the so-called extraordinary — i.e., a POTUS?  This is ‘not’ ancient Rome and Trump is not an ancient Roman emperor (much to his chagrin).

A listing of ‘some’ of Trump’s misbehavior (that most parents would disapprove of and/or punish their child for):

  1. lying
  2. obfuscating
  3. name-calling
  4. disrespecting various persons that deserve respect (mayors, judges, Senators, etc.)
  5. extreme arrogance
  6. extreme hubris
  7. making stuff up and saying it’s ‘true’ — trying to pass it off as ‘real,’ (just b/c he said it.  Trump says, “Only believe what comes out of my mouth — everything else is fake.”)
  8. calling what is true ‘false’ or ‘fake’
  9. trying to create an alt reality (disparaging real reality)
  10. totally self-focused + shows complete disregard for the feelings of others
  11. sexual misconduct (that he minimizes)
  12. spurning and/or trying to undo or destroy many long-standing American values and achievements since WW2
  13. encouraging physical violence to others
  14. disliking others mainly b/c of their race or religion
  15. disregard for rules — feeling ‘above’ the rules
  16. obstructing a legal investigation
  17. acting more like Don Vito Corleone than POTUS JFK
  18. winning and besting/beating others is most important thing — ungraciously trying to grind any opposition parties into the ground
  19. tough, macho, overly ‘manly’ persona; power-hungry
  20. unwilling or unable to control his many negative and self-defeating impulses
  21. loutishly lashing out when criticized
  22. unwilling to take advice, counsel, or direction from others
  23. unteachable (he’s a know-it-all)
  24. unpredictable and inconsistent and contradictory comments and ‘positions’
  25. firing important people with long and distinguished careers without just/good cause in an effort to dodge justice and doing the right thing(s)

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